2017 Results

Foothill Technology 2017 Season Results

Foothill Technology 2016 Season Results to Compare

Foothill Technology Seasonal Best Results Athletic.net 2017

Foothill Technology Seasonal Bests Results Athletic.net 2016 to compare

Hoka One-One 2 Mile at Buena


UCSB Gaucho Results

All Races

UCSB Gaucho Splits

Cool Breeze

Girls’ Seeded Race

Boys’ Seeded Race

Girls’ Frosh Race

Morro Bay Invitational

Boys’ Frosh Soph

Girls’ Frosh Soph

Girls’ Junior Senior

Boys’ Junior Senior

Morro Bay Splits

TCAA #1 Camino Real Park

Camino Real Park course flyover

TCAA #1 Live Results (make lose link when Royal Results removes from Live Results)

TCAA #1 Splits-Temperature 76 degrees

Dos Pueblos Invitational, Shoreline Park

9th Grade Girls
9th Grade Boys
10th Grade Girls
10th Grade Boys
11th Grade Girls
11th Grade Boys
12th Grade Girls
12th Grade Boys
Girls Sweepstakes Scoring
​Boys Sweepstakes Scoring

DPI Splits

Twilight Invitational Results

Boys- Short Course

Girls- Short Course

Boys- Long Course

Girls- Long Course

Twilight Invitational Splits

Clovis Invitational

Boys VAR – Medium

Championship Girls

Boys FS – M,S

Girls FS – All Divisions
Girls JV – All Divisions

Clovis Splits

TCAA #2 at Elkins Ranch

Live Results from TCAA #2

TCAA #2 Splits

Santa Clarita Valley Invitational

Results all divisions (we ran JV Girls’ Large School, JV Boys’ Large School and one person each in BLV, GLV)

Projected Splits (splits we didn’t get, used traditional averages for the course to get splits)

Fall Break Classic

Splits and finish order

City of Angels Invitational

Results (boys frosh soph was approximately 1.73)

Splits (boys are estimates due to course variation)

Ventura County Championships

Results from Athletic.net


TCAA Finals at Lake Casitas


CIF Prelims at the Riverside Cross-Country Course

Girls’ Results

Boys’ Results


CIF Finals at Riverside Cross-Country Course

Girls’ Results-CIF Champions

Boys’ Results-3rd in CIF

2017 CIF Finals’ Splits

California State Championships

Girls’ Results (California State Champions)

Boys’ Results (3rd in the State of California)

State Splits 2017

CIF State Summary on State Championships

Ventura Star Free Press Article on State Championships

2017 California State Polls

Preseason Poll:  9-1-17

9-15-17 Poll

9-18-17 Poll

10-5-17 Poll

10-16-17 Poll

10-25-17 Poll

11-23-17-Pre State Meet Poll for teams and individuals

Individual State Rankings 10-6-17

Individual State Rankings 10-19-17

10-9-17 Poll

10-17-17 Poll

California Top 50

Boys 9-19-17

2017 CIF SS Polls

9-6-17 Poll

9-11-17 Poll

9-18-17 Poll

9-25-17 Poll

10-2-17 Poll

10-16-17 Poll

10-23-17 Poll

10-30-17 Poll

11-4-17 Final Regular Season Poll