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Ventura Eats

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How does food get to the supermarket? How does our community feel about the methods in how food is grown locally? What about the farm hands? What are the pros/cons of farm labor?  Are you worried about GMO’s? Pesticides? What about the drought? How does water affect food production? How sustainable are the current farming methods? You and your team are about to embark on a quarter long research project to answer some of these questions.  


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Freshmen working on “Ventura Eats.” Credit: Johnathan Carriger/The Foothill Dragon Press

Freshmen working on “Ventura Eats.” Credit: Johnathan Carriger/The Foothill Dragon Press

Freshmen Participate in First Ever “Ventura Eats” 9th Grade Project

By Ela Yasa

Read about the Foothill Dragon Press coverage on the 2015 9th Grade Project.

Freshmen Class Working on New Ventura Eats Documentary Project

By Jenny Chang & Sienna Romero

“We want students to ask questions about food, about their health, and go answer them,” (Mr.) Li said. “We are hoping that 9th graders really get jazzed about this. We’re hoping that they include their parents in it, their family and friends, and see what they have to say about it.”

Ventura Eats is a 9th grade project where students work in teams, research, present on a question about how our community feels about food consumption, local food production, and how we buy and choose our foods. Ventura Eats is a quarter-long event that, at its core, is project based learning. Ventura Eats culminates with an exciting competition where all teams showcase their movie/documentary at our Foothill Food Film Festival.

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Possible Topics: 

Water usage Organic Farming GMO Products
Farm labor Chemical sprays / pesticides Farm Technology
Impact of globalization Sustainability Environmental Impacts
History of agriculture Diseases Urban Farming
Food borne illness Food Safety Food at Home & School
Trends in Nutrition Bee Pollinators

Student Resources:

Project Instruction 2017  |  Project Day Schedule

Preliminary Research  |  Logistics & Planning Document  |  Team Info & Brainstorming

Interview Guidelines   |   Examples of Interview Questions from the Archives of the Foothill Dragon Press

Storyboarding  |  Script Writing

WeVideo Account Sign-Up  |  Turning in WeVideo

  Speaker Schedule during FIRE (BlackBox)

Documentary/Film Rubric  |  Panel Discussion Worksheet

Teacher Resources:

Ventura Eats Event Day Itinery 2016  |  Ventura Eats Teacher Team Evaluation Form

List of videos to show during down time

Parent Resources: 

Project Letter  |  Project Overview

Ventura Eats ConceptMap  VenturaEats ThesisDev  VenturaEats Storyboard

Calendar of Events & Student Tasks:

Week(s) of Milestones and Student Tasks
February 6-10
  • Launch Project
    • Students sign up for issue/topic
    • Form groups
    • Preliminary Research
    • Brainstorm
  • HW: Individual Research Topic Worksheet
  • Due _______ (20 pts)

Parent Letter and robo-call

Feb 14-17
    • Group brainstorm sheet
      • Consider: what is your angle?
    • Decide on overall vision of documentary
    • Generate ideas about how to find interviewees
    • Group Organization & Distribution of tasks
      • Interview questions/strategy/logistics
  • HW: Group Planning Document (1 per team)
  • Due ________ (30 pts)
Feb 21-24
    • Group work on documentary thesis
    • Outline of documentary
    • Storyboard the sequences
    • WeVideo instructions (video)
  • HW: Storyboard (1 per team)
  • Due ________ (30 pts)
Feb 27 – March 10
  • Film and edit documentary
March 13-24
  • Continue to work on overall vision for the documentary
  • HW: Teacher will check google folder for video clips (15 pts)
March 27-April 21
  • Work on editing documentary
  • Editing and publishing final documentary
  • Go over Question and Answers portion of the Film Festival
April 20/21 Group videos are due today!  Submit WeVideo via Ventura Eats Completion Form Google Form
April 24-28
  • Peer review of finished video
  • Teacher assessment of video
Monday, May 1
  • Foothill Food Film Festival: Presentation and Competition

9th Grade Project Team:

Mrs. Adams |  Mrs. Carr  |  Mrs. Ferrris  |  Mr. Li  |  Mr. Miller  |  Mrs. Pelfrey  |   Mr. Wallace 

Coach Unchangco


2015 Notes

Nov. 30, 2015 Agenda