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June 2014

Date What we did in class today Homework
6/4 (W)
  •  Quiz on Act IV and V of Romeo and Juliet
  • Read aloud and discuss Act IV & V.
  • Watch ending of “Romeo and Juliet” (2013 movie)
  • Turn in annotations
 HW: Finish literary terms handout, be ready to turn in on Friday
6/6 (F)
  • Receive annotations back.
  • Literary terms handout is due today.
  • R&J Review (in pairs or triples): Choose 10 lines that represent the action of the play. Put them in order and identify by Act and scene and page number. Choose 1 line for each of the following characters that best represent them: Romeo, Juliet, Friar Lawrence, Nurse, Lady Capulet, Mercutio. Explain why you chose this line and not any of the others.
 HW: None
6/9 (M)



6/11 (W)
  • Final exam