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Brittany Sheldon (Ms. Sheldon)

English Instructor

Room: F-107

Preferred Method of Communication:

Room Extension: (805) 289-0023 ext. 2307

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can change the world.” Nelson Mandela

It is my passion and my goal for you to embark on a year of learning, self-reflection and self-awareness. Rather than accepting everything that society expects, you become vessels of change in our school, community and world through the fortunes of your education. My best friend in college studied literature, when she had no plans to teach English, write or be a professor. I remember asking her, “Britta, WHY?” Her response response was simple and pragmatic, “You get to know cultures, understand types of people and journey to places beyond the imagination through adventure” This is my desire for you! Let’s travel to the unfamiliar and stretch ourselves with the uncomfortable.


About your instructor:

I am originally from Oregon and became a California girl when I attended Point Loma Nazarene University. After graduating in 2010, I moved to Phoenix, Arizona and was fortunate enough to teach at the number one AP school in the United States. I began teaching 9th grade AP human geography and AP world history at the high school level. Shortly after moving back to California, I finished my Masters in Digital Teaching from Azusa Pacific University and began teaching in 2013 at DATA (7th and 8th grade social studies and language arts). Although I have been teaching now for 5 years, 2016-2017 school year will be my first at Foothill. FTHS is the PERFECT fit for my teaching philosophy and collaborative environment of teachers and students.

My teaching philosophy:

Education is a powerful tool to change the individual, communities and the global future. I believe that critically thinking is foundational for rich classroom experiences. Education must prepare student for the 21st century skills they will need in college and the workplace.


Parents and students, from the various links above, you will find:

  • Class Overview and Syllabus
  • Class Quarterly Overview
  • Wikispaces link
  • Google Classroom link
  • Daily Agenda & Assignments Google Doc link; in this document:
    • CCSS standards aligned lessons
    • a brief overview of the lesson for that day
    • assignment due dates: when, where, what, and how
    • assignment documents (printable): Google Docs & PDFs
    • Google Slide Presentations
    • video links
    • Website links
  • Link to my wikipage of flipped lessons: 10th World Lit Screencast Video Tutorials
    • Tutorials include: How to create a google doc, How to Turn in an Assignment in Google Classroom, Responding to a Question in Google Classroom and MLA format.


***I am VERY excited to announce that I will be returning to FTHS on January 3rd. I missed my students, the collaboration and the passion that teaching fuels in my own life. ****

Courses I teach and links to each class portal:

English 10 World Literature College Prep Syllabus

10th World Literature Daily Agenda

World Revolution Wikispaces | Google Classroom

Link to FitzPatrick  10th grade World History Wiki | Link to Miller 10th grade World History Wiki

English 12 College Prep Syllabus

Senior College Prep Daily Agenda | Dragon Talk Resources | Google Classroom


Schedule for 2016-2017:

Period 1: Teacher Prep

Period 2: 10 WL College Prep: Google Classroom Code: h1v6wi

Period 3: 12 English College Prep: Google Classroom Code: xdeft9v

Period 4:10 WL College Prep: Google Classroom Code: 4mzwckm


Period 5: 12 English College Prep: Google Classroom Code: flpakd

Period 6: 12 English College Prep: Google Classroom Code:  l4gfka

Period 7: 10 WL College Prep: Google Classroom Code: 2tzfa1


Sheldon’s Wish List

Sheldon Wish List


Professional Development and Speaking:

  • Google Certificated Teacher (2014)
  • D.A.T.A. Technology Site Mentor (204-2016)
  • BTSA Technology Mentor (2015-present)
  • VUSD SMARite Cohurt and Lesson Development (2016)
  • Middle School ELA Common Core Pilot Adoption Committee (2016)
  • CUE Gold Coast Conference Presenter: Eliciting Critical Thinking Through Technology (2016)