Q2 2016-17 Self Portrait Assignment

Choices Self-Portrait

Getting Started

  • Start menu / New Documents
    • Go into your EDA folder
    • Create a new folder, name it “Self Portrait
    • This is where you will save all images gathered for this project
  • Start menu / Fireworks
    • Create a new file
    • 1000 pixels width, 625 pixels height, transparent background
    • Save into your new “Self Portrait” folder
      • Name it, lastname101916selfportraitcollage.png
    • Close file, close Fireworks
  • Image source collection
    • Start menu / Chrome / Google Classroom
    • Open “Citing Sources Template”
    • Use this file to collect image source data for each image you save
  • Image search and selection
    • New tab in Chrome, go to www.google.com
    • Search for images as described below
    • Use “Visit Image” and “Visit Page” to collect URL source data
      • Do NOT save “Google-dee-gook” addresses ever
    • Find /save largest possible version of image to save ( avoids pixelation later in collage )

Images of Significance to You – based on your Choices curriculum reflections

  • Passions | things for which you have boundless enthusiasm
  • Values | qualities you feel are important in your life ( examples: power, security, adventure, knowledge, independence, education, etc. )  Is there a TV, book or movie character that represents this quality in your mind?
  • Strengths | What are you good at? What or who symbolizes those things for you?
  • Skills | What do you know? What are you learning that you enjoy?
  • Roles/Occupations/Vocations | Any possible occupations you might be interested in? What roles you play ( examples: student, athlete, reader, daughter, son, artist, gamer, etc. )

Building Your Collage

  • Work on updating your collage file that was created back on October 19
  • This collage is due January 9, 2017

Self Portrait Collage: Directions

You have collected 25-35 images that reflect the Choices curriculum  (and the attendant Works Cited information for each image). We set up a Fireworks canvas on October 19. This canvas and all of your images should be in your Self Portrait folder on your Z drive.

Now we are ready to create the collage!

  1. Look at the images you have collected and THINK about what each represents.
  2. Choose five images that  best represent your PASSIONS.
  3. Choose three images that best  represent your VALUES.
  4. Choose three images that best  represent your STRENGTHS and SKILLS
  5. Choose three images that best represent your OCCUPATIONS/VOCATIONS/ROLES

These 14 images should reflect the elements that you have the strongest feelings about.

In addition to images, you will be using text layers/effects.

  1. Your first and last name
  2. The occupation you are most interested in at this time
  3. Three roles that you play (student, daughter/son, reader, athlete, etc.). Each word should be its own layer
  4. Your definition of success

Technical skills:

  1. Pictures are feathered/effects added
  2. All layers named
  3. Text layers are readable/effects added
  4. Background layer is appropriate/not distracting
  5. Aesthetic quality/professional presentation

Your Works Cited will include only the pictures you actually used in your collage–more information coming soon!