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Juniors and seniors in the Bioscience Academy are highly encouraged to participate in our HOSA chapter. HOSA members are empowered to become leaders in the global health community through education, collaboration, and experience. HOSA members are part of a leadership team that puts together various community events, such as school blood drives. They participate in professional development activities, go on job shadows, volunteer for various community organizations, all while increasing their skills in the growing field of health science.





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BioScience Academy Cohort 9

N/AAmanda English: “I try to live by the idea that you have to live in the moment and try not to worry about the negative repercussions. This gives me the courage to get out there and take more chances.

N/AAndrew Miech: “Always put yourself and your ideas out there even if you are not sure if they are correct. Contributing in any way could spark an idea in someone else or your idea could be loved.”

N/AAriana Singer: “The beach is my sanctuary.”

N/AAriana Vivian: “I like to live with my eyes and heart open. I want to learn. But that takes courage. So I am working on my courage and perseverence, because those precipitate my integrity, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of people and of life.”

N/AAyla McNeil: “I am known in my family for being the stubborn one… It is not a bright quality of mine, but I am working on it. My stubbornness eats away at my originality. I’d love more than anything to be 100% original but… in this day and age, with new forms of technology, the latest trends, all the way to twitter, there is at least a little bit of recycled ideas.”

N/ABen Limpich: “I read the economist weekly, among other things, and watch global GDP stats and relish in the political sphere.”

N/ABen Newman: “What inspires me is birding. I find that birds show me insight into a different world full of freedom and color.”

N/ACarlos Cohen: “I love adventure… My most memorable experiences were when I tried something new, or explored a place which wasn’t necessarily on the map.”

N/ACiera Georgi: “I had a sister who passed away a little over 4 years ago. Her passing has definitely given me a drive to not only help people but in a medical sense.”

N/AClaire Beck: “My values are basically to just be myself. To allow myself to grow the way I am.”

N/ADevan Peterson: “My passion is sports… I feel like they are a common bond between the world.”

N/AEmily Sheydayi: “I grew up on my father’s records: Beach Boys, Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel… it has become my vent.”

N/AElaine Park: “I have an attachment to home and homely places. ”

N/AEvan Askar: “Something that defines me and that I am truly passionate about, running.”

N/AFrancisco Vega: “My passion is music. I play many different instruments. I play flute, piccolo, alto saxophone, trumpet, piano, drums, guitar, bass, and ukulele.”

N/AGrant Coe: “I am also passionate about science and learning how things work in non-living and living things, too.”

N/AJames Byrne: “You can’t be afraid of making mistakes because you become a better person each time you figure out what you did wrong.”

N/AJames Florez: “If possible, the place I would most like to travel is Cuba because that is where my grandpa is from.”

N/AJoanne Quiray: “I am passionate about band. The drum major is pretty much the band’s conductor… I was chosen two years ago. I never imagined myself in front of over 80 people, leading and conducting them.”

N/AJoe Albaugh: “I love a good challenge where the only easy day was yesterday.”

N/AKendelle Gallagher: “In life, we should always aspire to be part of the solution. If we don’t take these opportunities and be part of the solution, how can we expect to change anything?”

N/ALilia Carmen: “Knowing that I can be useful to someone is what really grabs my attention. The satisfaction that I get when I see someone being grateful for something that I have done is the greatest thing I can imagine.”

N/ALizbeth Camacho: “I love dogs because they’re always happy. They’re so joyous.”

N/AMaddie Kirkegaard: “My biggest passion is ballet. I love the challenge that dance provides, and the possibility of improving and getting better everyday makes me enjoy the hard work that I have to go through in order to achieve my goals.”

N/AMaddy Offerman: “I am passionate about dancing. I love that I can express myself without having to talk.”

N/AMaya Tamang: “I can play the viola, violin, and guitar, and I love being able to do that.”

N/AMichael Thompson: “People who live their lives to the fullest (saints) inspire me.”

N/APaul Byrne: “I have always been intrigued with the world around me. I am considering traveling to different countries…like being in the Peace Corps.”

N/ASandra Meliton: “Instead of watching things happen, we should be able to make things happen in life.”

N/ASarah Fahr: “The best thing to do is get involved. Put yourself out in a vulnerable situation. Share your thoughts, feelings and ideas.”

N/ASean Anthony: “I’m very passionate about being in the outdoors, be it hiking, backpacking, camping, and especially rock climbing. I really hope to travel all over the world and experience many different cultures and climates and places in nature.”

N/AShelley Liang: “My force is small, but I’ll try to make a difference.”

N/ASimon Christie: “I really like spaghetti… I know that spaghetti is not a very fancy food or really in any way special, yet whenever I eat it I feel as if I am in nirvana. Because of spaghetti, food is now my passion…and will travel wherever this passion takes me.”

N/ATrevor O’Keefe: “I love when other people play along with my jokes… When people improv with my jokes or go along with them, I feel a connection and tend to like them right then.”

N/AWyatt Kufta-Kuntz: “It is like Rock and Roll, African tribal music to African American blues to Eddie Cochran and Elvis Presley to the British Invasion and the Velvet Underground, to Dead Kennedy’s and the Clash and so on. They are the rules of the universe essentially. Nothing is going to come to full stop, it will all meld and mix together.”

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Bioscience: Medical Technology 2018-19


Mika Anderson Room E104 Email: mika.anderson@venturausd.org 805-289-0023, ext. 2204

Absences: If you are ever out of class, download handouts or Powerpoints (ppt) directly from  Edmodo.  You have the same number of days to make up your work as the number of absentee days. It is YOUR responsibility to turn in any absent work scored by Mrs. Anderson during FIRE. A quick link to calendars can be found on the wiki or on Edmodo. Links to the calendar will be found in a folder shared out to you. Class handouts, Powerpoints, or other material will also be shared out to you on Edmodo in folders.


August | September | October | November | December | January | February | March | April | May | June

CPR/1st Aid/Triage


CPR Book Checkout | CPR Success Rates | Scrub Orders

Lab Management Team:

Quick Links:

Bioscience Community Service Requirements | Form for Bioscience Service Hours |

Data Bases for Research:  GALE Database (PW: DragonsFTHS) | Directory of Open Access Journals | Free Full pdf for Scientific Journals | Stanford HighWire | PLOS | Healio

Important Disease Project Links and References:  

Disease Project Research Questions (make a copy and share to Mrs. Anderson) | Chain of Command List of Agencies | Disease Project Speech Outline | Sign-ups for Disease Project Dry-Runs |

Howard Hughes – great videos on diseases | CDC Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response |
Ventura County Public Health Division | National Response Framework – US Dept of Homeland Security | Hospital IC System | Annex H-Appendix 5 Outbreak-Epidemiologic Response Plan_revised October 2013 | CDC Incident Management System | Example of Chain of Command


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