Boys Basketball

We are seeking players who love the sport of basketball, who want to improve their basketball skill set, who are dedicated to working hard to improve and will be committed to devoting the time necessary to participate in High School Athletics. 


Team Rosters  |  Google Calendar – Boys BBall  

SUMMER 2019 Reminders  |  SCHAPED Philosophy

Warm-Up Routine  |  Workout Log  |  Shooting Chart

VARSITY – Hueneme Summer League (June 18 – July 23)

Vaughn Shootout (June 8)  |  Carpinteria Tournament (June 21 – 23)  |  Vaughn Shootout  (July 13 & 20)

JV – Hueneme Summer League (June 18 – July 23)

Vaughn Shootout (June 8)  |  Vaughn Shootout (July 13 & 20)

FRESHMEN – FT Summer League (June 26 – July 17)

  Summer Team Calendar – PRINTOUT version

Golf Tournament:  November 11, 2019

Practice Expectations: 

  1. ARRIVE to practice 15 minutes before scheduled start time — individual stretch, form shooting, and general loosen up
  2. Be READY to practice at the start of the scheduled practice time — jersey/shirt tucked in, all jewelry off, ready to meet at mid-court at the 1st whistle
  3. PRACTICE GEAR is black or red shorts; white, red, or black matching socks, reversible red/white/black jersey or a white or red shirt; good fitting shoes; water bottle
  4. ATTITUDE — ready to work hard, focus on improving daily, willingness to be coached, desire to learn the fundamentals & skills needed to improve as a basketball player and improve the overall level of TEAM play.  Learn to compete daily with an emphasis on winning each possession, drill, scrimmage or game that is being emphasized and learning how to handle not winning in a respectful manner.  Understanding what you will need to do in order to finish on the winning side of a competitive situation
  5. HABITS — develop habits for success on the basketball court as well as in life; work on developing basketball habits that will improve your basketball performance
  6. COMMUNICATE — players are expected to communicate to/with their coaches if they are going to miss a practice/game; they must also let their coaches know if they suffer an injury; communication on the court will also be emphasized throughout practice sessions


Team Rosters  |  Game Schedule  |  Google Calendar – Boys BBall  

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 COACH DEAN PROPHET:  Coached 25+ years at the club and all levels of high school basketball.  Served four years as head coach at Bishop Diego High School in Santa Barbara. Named Ventura County JV Coach of the Year in 2008-2009 and 2009-2010.  Named Frontier League Varsity Coach of the Year in 2010-2011.  Teams placed as CIF Finalist in 2010-2011 and CIF semi-finalist in 2013-2014.

COACH ANTHONY UNCHANGCO:  Coached 15+ years at the club and all levels of high school basketball.  Served as head coach at Santa Paula High School and prior 9 years at Rio Mesa High School.  Coached the 2012-2013 Ventura County All Star West Team; one Ventura County Player of the Year, thirteen 1st-Team All League (Pacific View, Frontier).  Teams have qualified for CIF in 9 of the last 12 seasons.



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