Pathway to success at League, CIF and State for Division IV Cross Country

Nutrition and Hydration Information

Nutrition and Hydration Powerpoint

Summer Seminar Information–will not show all of these in one summer

Summer Seminar #1:  How and Why of Cross-Country Training:  2019

Summer Seminar #2:  Healthy Running Presentation–2 Trees 2018  Has been edited

Summer Seminar #3:  Learning from racing–A follow up to the time trial-2018

Summer Seminar:  #4:  Choices  2019

Summer Seminar #3:  Secrets to Cross Country Success  2017

Bonus Summer Seminar:  A Dozen Tips to Run Faster 2017

Summer Seminar:  Factors for Success in a High Level Cross Country Athlete 2016

August Parent Meeting Powerpoint

LA84 Clinic Powerpoints

Introduction to Youth Clinic at FTHS

Progressive Training #1-Setting up a training program

Setting up a home meet

Progressive Training #2-Workouts and Workout Plans

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