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Pathway to success at League, CIF and State for Division IV Cross Country

Nutrition and Hydration Information

Nutrition and Hydration Powerpoint

Summer Seminar Information--will not show all of these in one summer

Summer Seminar #1:  How and Why of Cross-Country Training:  2018

Summer Seminar #2:  Healthy Running Presentation--2 Trees 2018  Has been edited

Summer Seminar #3:  Learning from racing--A follow up to the time trial-2018

Summer Seminar:  #4:  Choices  2018

Summer Seminar #3:  Secrets to Cross Country Success  2017

Bonus Summer Seminar:  A Dozen Tips to Run Faster 2017

Summer Seminar:  Factors for Success in a High Level Cross Country Athlete 2016

August Parent Meeting Powerpoint

LA84 Clinic Powerpoints

Introduction to Youth Clinic at FTHS

Progressive Training #1-Setting up a training program

Setting up a home meet

Progressive Training #2-Workouts and Workout Plans

                                FTHS Cross Country Wiki Home Page 

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