Cross Country Summer Practice Schedule

Important 2019 Summer Dates and Information–

Powerpoint on how to set up and use your log on XC Stats

Summer Practice Roll list (check by your name when you come in, please put your Check out time {COT Column} when you leave)

Summer Swim List (Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Ventura High)

Tee shirt order form  (order by Friday, August 9)

Spirit Wear Order Link (order by Tuesday, August 13)

Boys Big Bear Survey on Team Attributes

Girls Big Bear Survey on Team Attributes

Boys Big Bear End of Camp Survey

Girls Big Bear End of Camp Survey


2019 Preseason Goals Sheet (Big Bear people do on the way home)

Big Bear Girls’ Goals

Big Bear Boys’ Goals

Big Bear Goals Powerpoint

Drills Day 2 of Cross-Country Academy 2019

Drills Last week of fall practice 2019 (will upload in November to show improvement)

Summer Weight lifting Roll List

Summer and Regular Season Run Location Powerpoint

Summer donation link (may do by credit card)

Parent and Student sign in for Summer 2019

Suggested Two Trees Exercises for Injury Prevention 2019 #1-Suggested to do both #1 and #2

Suggested Two Trees Exercises for Injury Prevention 2019 #2-Suggested to do both #1 and #2

Suggested Strengthening Exercises for Hips and Ankles by Two Trees (visual examples by clicking on link at the top and entering the code)-2018

Summer Functional Strength Weight Program (times and dates to be determined)-View exercises below

Strength Program links to view exercises (equipment needed-band, med ball, roller, dumbbell)

Strength Program Dynamic Warm Up

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All Permission Slips (please sign and bring to first day of summer practice)


Monday, July 15:  First official practice.  We will meet in classroom F104 at Foothill at 6pm on that night.  We will go through our first practice that day for all cleared athletes.  That practice will include our warm up procedure, a run, our cool down procedure, our strength and core procedure and our check out procedure.  Anticipated time of this meeting, plus practice will be from 6pm to 8pm.  Please allot the full time for practice so you can learn the Dragon way to cross-country success.  Leave your cell phones, your iPods and other electronic devices in your backpack or at home.  They will not be used during practice time.  If you have a GPS watch, you may wear that to practice.

Week of July 15:  Practices are currently scheduled to be Monday and Thursday at 6pm.  We will start at Foothill Technology High School and we will finish at Foothill Technology High School.  Over the course of the summer, practices will meet at different spots.  The first week, would like the practices to start and finish at Foothill so we learn the safe routes and the proper routines.  There will also be an optional Friday morning practice at 8am at Foster Park.  There will also be optional swim workouts starting at this time.  Swimming is tentatively scheduled at Ventura High Pool from 2:00pm to 3:00pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Swimming is a great cross training activity that helps increase cardio vascular fitness, breathing patterns and strength.  While running is the best activity to become a better runner, swimming, spinning and biking can greatly enhance fitness and allow greater activity with less stress on the body.

Week of July 22:  Practices will be on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  Practice locations will be announced at a later time.  There will be a 1 mile cross country run for time this week.  These practices will be at 6pm.  Tuesday practice will be at San Pedro entrance to San Buenaventura State Beach from 6:00 to 7:45pm.  There will also be an optional Friday morning practice at 8am at Foster Park.  Swimming is tentatively scheduled at Ventura High Pool from 2:00pm to 3:00pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Possibly optional invitation only practice on Saturday to Sycamore Canyon.

Week of July 29:  Practice will now be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  With the exception of Wednesday, this workouts will be at 6:00.  The first tryout test will occur this week.  It will be a 1.33 mile run for time on Wednesday.  It will start at 5:30 and there will be a Santino’s get together afterwards.  There will be seminar on Thursday at 5:30 to review information about the time trial and racing.  Friday, there will be an optional 8am practice at Foster Park.  Swimming is tentatively scheduled at Ventura High Pool from 2:00pm to 3:00pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Students will be informed of Big Bear participants after the time trial.  There will be a parent and student meeting for Big Bear participants at 5:00pm on Thursday, August 1

1.33 Time Trial Map

Results of Time Trial

August 3-9:  Tentative elite camp at Big Bear for invited athletes:  Camp will be with Yucca Valley.  Depending on transportation and cost, the plan is to take approximately 7 to 10 males and 7 to 10 females.  Cost is tentatively set at $300 per athlete.  If you are planning on being a varsity level athlete for 2019, it is highly suggested that you attempt to qualify for Big Bear camp.

Big Bear Powerpoint (2019 version)

Printable list for Necessary items for camp (download as google doc)

Big Bear Tentative Runs

Big Bear Car and Room Assignments

Week of August 5:  Practice will once again be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  These practices will be at 6pm.  Monday is at Arroyo Verde.  Tuesday is at Kimball Park.  Wednesday is at Camino Real Park and Thursday is at Foothill Technology.  There will also be a Friday practice at 8am at Foster Park.  There will also be a Saturday AM practice by invitation only.  Swimming is tentatively scheduled at Ventura High Pool from 2:00pm to 3:00pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  This is very conditional depending of availability of coaches to cover swimming this week

Week of August 12: Practice will now be Monday through Friday Practices will shift to 8am on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,  Friday.  This is the week prior to school, so want to make the gradual transition to school time.  Monday is at Arroyo Verde.  Tuesday is at San Pedro.  Wednesday is at Camino Real Park and Thursday is at FTHS, all at 8am.  Friday will be an 8am workout at Foster Park.  Saturday practice will be at UCSB to run the course for the Gaucho Invitational and the annual team end of summer picnic.  Swimming is tentatively scheduled at Ventura High Pool from 2:00pm to 3:00pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  This may change due to VHS water polo schedule

Week of August 19:  Monday practice will be at 8am at Arroyo Verde Park.  School starts on Wednesday.  Tuesday is tentatively scheduled for 8am at San Pedro.  Daily afternoon practice will start at 2:05, beginning Wednesday.  Most days, it will be done between 4:30 and 5:00pm.  Please schedule accordingly.  Daily attendance is expected for the entire practice.  Final tryout will be this week.  Currently it is planned for Saturday night at 7pm at Buena High School track.  Expectations will be ability to complete 4 miles nonstop by the start of school. Key here is the ability to complete the runs nonstop.  Making the team will be determined by points.  Points can be accumulated by

  1. Getting athletic packet in on time. (this includes physical packet, FTHS packet and CC permission slips)
  2. Participating in summer practice (1 point for each practice attended during the summer.)
    1. Positive attitude and honest effort to improve are primary concerns at practice.
    2. Daily use of online training log (Register for XCStats is required)
      1. If out of town or unable to attend practice, log will help accumulate points.
      2. Participating in the timed runs (there will be three prior to the three mile one)
      3. Participating in team fundraisers or community service during the summer.
      4. Attending and completing swim workouts
        1. Workouts are optional, but can help improve fitness and point total
        2. Participating in one summer community race and finishing in the allotted time
        3. Performing well in the 3-mile time trial tryout.
          1. Performing well means completing nonstop and making an honest effort
          2. For safety reasons, all members of the team need to be able to run 3 miles nonstop in under 28 minutes by the beginning of school.
          3. Specific minimum goal times can be sent out if an athlete is interested.
        4. Participation in the 2 mile Hoka One-One race on the Buena Track tentatively scheduled for Saturday, August 24
      5. Returners’ expectations for making the team are higher than newcomers
        1. Returner needs to be able to run a 3 mile race within 30 seconds of previous season’s best by the beginning of official summer practice
          1. Individual track times for 1600 or 3200 can be substituted for 3 mile race time.
            1. Contact coaches considering alternate try out standards for track marks.
        2. Track and field distance times achieved during the previous track and field season will be taken into consideration for the try out procedure.
          1. Expectation is progression in time in 1600 and 3200 from the previous season.

Summer practice is not mandatory, but it is highly suggested.  If you make the time and effort to come to summer practice and do your runs, you will be successful in the tryouts.   If you have conflicts, simply take the time to email Mr. Reeves and get your work completed.  All runners will be sore for the first three weeks of training, regardless of ability or experience.  Summer practice will be a gradual progress to help build a base so we can excel in the fall.  This progression will help prevent injuries and allow the athlete to get ready for the transition practices necessary to run fast.  If you are in town, it is suggested that you come to practice.  There is no problem if you go on vacation with your family.  Expectation would be getting your runs in during vacation, keeping your training log and emailing Coach Reeves your actual workouts over vacation.  That will certainly count toward your tryout points.  If you are going on vacation, it is suggested you take your running shoes and get out for a run daily.  Some days that may be difficult due to travel, commitments or special activities.  That is completely understood.  Please remember that aerobically, basically you lose one day you exercised for every two days you take off.    Summer training is the key to a successful, injury free season.

It is always easier to train with people and teammates can help you move to the next level.  Summer training this year will help build the future of our program.  Do a little each day and you will get better over time.  Looking forward to an exciting progression this year.  Some of you will find that you are really good at this and some of you will find out you love the feeling of getting and being in shape.  All of you will find out that the fitter you are, the better you are able to focus on your academic work.  The skills learned at summer practice can help you both on the cross-country course and in the classroom.

 Summer Training Programs-Updated for 2019

Rookie Runner Summer Program

Returning Runner Summer Program

CIF Level Runner Summer Program

Wednesday, May 1st:    Meeting for Foothill Technology incoming athletes and their parents.  Time and location of the meeting to be determined.  If you are unable to attend this meeting, please email me prior to that time and we can set up an alternative meeting.

Monday, June 17th:  Cross-Country Academy starts:  Cross-Country Academy will run from Monday, June 17th through Friday, June 21st to introduce new runners to the Foothill Technology program.  All newcomers and freshmen are encouraged to join our cross-country mentors at the Black Box by 9am on Monday, June 17th to learn our warm procedures, our training methods and learn a little bit about our strength program.  Please click on the link below to learn more about the Cross-Country Academy.  Newcomers who complete the full week will receive an FTHS CC tee shirt.

Academy Roll List 2019

Student/Parent meeting will be Monday night, June 17 from 5:45Pm to about 6:30pm.

June 17 Parent/Athlete powerpoint

Mile 26 Shoe Night for FTHS CC athletes-Tuesday June 18 from 3pm to 6pm

Cross-Country Academy First Day Powerpoint

Rules of the Road Only


Foothill Technology Shoe Night at Mile 26:  Tuesday, June 18 from 3pm to 7pm.  Flyer will be posted when available

Tuesday, June 18th:  Strength and conditioning program starts for all interested cross-country runners at the Black Box.  It will include a general introduction program and a strength program specifically designed for cross-country runners.  Athletes will learn proper weight room procedures, a variety of lifts and their techniques and will be put on a periodized strength and conditioning program.  COST IS FREE!  Weight lifting program will be Tuesdays and Thursdays

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, June 19th through the 21st:  Cross-Country Academy continues along with weight lifting.

Cross-Country Academy Second Day Powerpoint

Cross-Country Academy Third Day Powerpoint

Cross-Country Academy Fourth Day Powerpoint

Cross-Country Academy Fifth Day Powerpoint

CC Academy 2019 Graduation

Saturday, June 22 until Saturday, July 13th:  REQUIRED CIF DEAD PERIOD–FTHS Coaches may not meet with FTHS cc athletes for “running” specific activities.  Athletes may meet on their own, develop and create their own training sessions during this time.  This, of course, is completely optional.  It is highly suggested athletes get themselves in shape prior to the start of official practice.  The weight lifting program is allowed to go on under the guidance of the FTHS CC coaches during dead period.

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