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 Adrian Sanchez
 Foreign Language, Spanish
 Room H-108
 805-289-0023, ext.2508
This year students will be able to further develop their language proficiency. They will get a chance to practice all dimensions of the language: writing, speaking, reading, and listening. This year I am teaching three Spanish II classes and three Spanish IV AP classes. Please check the syllabi for more information on each class. 


  • Period 1: Spanish 4 AP
  • Period 2: Prep
  • Period 3: Spanish 2
  • Period 4: Spanish 2
  • Period 5: Spanish 4 AP
  • Period 6: Spanish 4 AP
  • Period 7: Spanish 2
  1. Spanish 2
  2. Spanish 4 AP


Daily Agenda and Homework:

Spanish 2 – 2018-2019: Daily Agenda  (Using agenda from last year, only refer to current week) 

Spanish 4 AP- 2018- 2019:  Daily Agenda  (Using agenda from last year, only refer to current week)

Spanish 4 AP – Documents

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