AP Government & Economics Grades

Weighted Grades:

Multiple Choice Tests & Quizzes…….. 30%

Essays …………..30%

Blogs ……..15%

Projects ………..15%

Homework …..10%

Renaissance Card Policy:

Cards may not be used for any assignments related to the Election simulation or the Supreme Court simulation.

If you are planning on using an “oops” or late pass you must redeem it within the week of the original due date. You may NOT use Renaissance cards for vocabulary or discussion questions since you need them the day of the test. If you have not had the time to complete the vocabulary and Discussion Questions ¬†or due to circumstances beyond your control you fell unprepared, please ask me about an alternative test date. Please be aware that I DO NOT drop lowest test scores, although you may do “test corrections”; test corrections earn you a C on tests and essays.