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What experience and history teach is this — that people and governments never have learned anything from history or acted on the principles deduced from it.

G.W.F. HEGEL, Philosophy of History

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U S History 


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U.S History Daily Agenda

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Honors World History 

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Honors World History Daily Agenda

Tyranny vs Democracy response

Think about what you have read, learned and discussed regarding the (1) Enlightenment, (2) how tyrannies develop and our (3) government and society today. Using a few direct quotes write your ideas about the three topics in a well written, opinionated reflection. How enlightened are we today? Should we fear tyranny? What enlightenment thinker do you agree with most or whose ideas are relevant today?

Response Period 1

Response Period 5

“Why Technology Favors Tyranny” The Atlantic-

Write a thesis in your own words, three supporting ideas from the article that correspond to your thesis and three direct quotes that resonate with you. Finally a sentence or two about why you agree or disagree with the main points for Tue Sept 11

Period 1 google form for Tyranny/technology response (share with anyone with the link can comment)

Period 5 google form for Tyranny/technology response (share with anyone with the link can comment)


Hopefully the excerpt from Prisoners of Geography:Ten Maps that Explain Everything About the World was thought provoking. Reflect on what you have learned generally while also using specific examples and at least three direct quotes answering the following questions:

Write a paragraph per question, plus have a small intro paragraph explaining the context of Colonialism.

In what ways has the geography of the continent been problematic compared to other regions of the world?

How is the legacy of colonialism still evident today? In what ways is the continent still being exploited?

Period 1 Prisoners of Geography

Period 5 prisoners of geography

Witnesses in the IR trial