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Claire Adams

What experience and history teach is this -- that people and governments never have learned anything from history or acted on the principles deduced from it. G.W.F. HEGEL, Philosophy of History 20160214_151700_resized (2) U.S History &  Honors World History Room I-106 Email: 805-289-0023, ext. 2606
  Schedule: Period 1: Honors World History   Period 2: U.S History Period 3: U.S History Period 4: U.S History Period 5: U.S History Period 6: U.S History   Late work and Absent work
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Witnesses in the IR trial


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  <strong>What experience and history teach is this -- that people and governments never have learned anything from history or acted on the principles deduced from it.</strong>
  <strong>G.W.F. HEGEL, <i>Philosophy of History</i></strong>
<span style="color: #993300"><a href="http:// pages/claire- adams/132-3" rel="attachment wp-att-12349"><img class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-12349" alt="" src=" wp-content/uploads/2012/08/ 1322-300x225.jpg" width="300" height="225" /></a></span>  <img class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-56249" src=" wp-content/uploads/2012/08/ 20160214_151700_resized-2- 225x300.jpg" alt="20160214_ 151700_resized (2)" width="225" height="300" />
U.S History, Honors World History , Geography &amp; Health  U.S History &amp;  Honors World History
Room I-106 Room I-106
Email: <a href="mailto:" ></a> Email: <a href="mailto:" ></a>
805-289-0023, ext. 2606 805-289-0023, ext. 2606
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<strong>Schedule:</strong> <strong>Schedule:</strong>
<strong></strong>Period 1: U.S History<a href="http:// pages/claire- adams/syllabus-2012-2" rel="attachment wp-att-3292">syllabus 2012</a>  
Period 2: Health &amp; Geography <a href="http:// pages/claire- adams/health-syllabus" rel="attachment wp-att-4132">Health Syllabus</a>  
Period 3: U.S History <a href="http:// pages/claire- adams/syllabus-2012-3" rel="attachment wp-att-4128">syllabus 2012</a>  
Period 4: U.S History <a href="http:// pages/claire- adams/syllabus-2012-4" rel="attachment wp-att-4129">syllabus 2012</a>  
  P<strong>eriod 1: <a href="https:/ / d/14P42xTo38BUDHoAc6t8R-_ JJMviZqtOUy309HXakrIU/ edit">Honors World History </a> <a href="http:// pages/claire- adams/syllabus-2012-2" rel="attachment wp-att-3292">
  <strong>Period 2: <a href="https:/ / d/19IYATMEe8eKmY- 5QErExaJnuxjEZCkaZtuXzpNIpno4/edit">U.S History </a></strong>
  <strong>Period 3</strong><a href="https:/ / d/1-gpgkbwRkBspkvzzGTpq- cUGMevpqQYDQ8ocqHJCFcM/ edit"><strong>:</strong>< /a><strong> <a href="https:/ / d/19IYATMEe8eKmY- 5QErExaJnuxjEZCkaZtuXzpNIpno4/edit">U.S History </a></strong>
  <strong>Period 4: <a href="https:/ / d/19IYATMEe8eKmY- 5QErExaJnuxjEZCkaZtuXzpNIpno4/edit">U.S History </a><a href="http:// pages/claire- adams/syllabus-2012-4" rel="attachment wp-att-4129">
Period 5: Honors World History Syllabus <a href="http:// wp-content/uploads/ 2012/08/World- History-and- Literature-Syllabus.pdf"> uploads/2012/ 08/World-History- and-Literature- Syllabus.pdf</a> <strong>Period 5: <a href="https:/ / d/19IYATMEe8eKmY- 5QErExaJnuxjEZCkaZtuXzpNIpno4/edit">U.S History </a><a href="http:// wp-content/uploads/ 2012/08/World- History-and- Literature-Syllabus.pdf">
Period 6: U.S History <a href="http:// pages/claire- adams/syllabus-2012-5" rel="attachment wp-att-4130">syllabus 2012</a>  
  <strong>Period 6: <a href="https:/ / d/19IYATMEe8eKmY- 5QErExaJnuxjEZCkaZtuXzpNIpno4/edit">U.S History </a></strong><a href="http:// pages/claire- adams/syllabus-2012-5" rel="attachment wp-att-4130">
  <a href="https:/ / d/1-yY-k0IU6zPtYxVmc5l2HS2767jiWgZwD9msfb- 1lEU/edit">Late work and Absent work</a>
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  <span style="font-size: 14pt"><em><strong>U S History </strong> </em></span>
  <strong><span style="font-size: 18px"> <img src="https:// images?q=tbn: ANd9GcQwmQ8bZHTd7qM0M9MiDMFRwu327tgXrhtg8aKtIDNJlzFhJj- content/uploads/ 2013/07/Declaration- of-Independence-broadside- 1776-Jamestown- Yorktown-Foundation2.jpg" alt="Image result for dec of independence" /><img src="https:// images?q=tbn: ANd9GcSjypWcGAGCRad0jT2pVqgEIGN5FsZDcEXu5xfbKNe42WYEbFCp: presidentsday/ images/lincoln2.gif" alt="Image result for abraham lincoln" /><img src="https:// images?q=tbn: ANd9GcRhAjPCEEVh6ZzZEEpTs4DuJ2di6HOC3M7LH2ta0Ms6oggWi2L8Qw: 2012/10/suffragettes1.jpg" alt="Image result for progressive era" /><img src="https:// images?q=tbn: ANd9GcTsC7rAomOfNPSU84qvpRgwyqSbX6lScgn_ T04WmjxBvO67UdHU: sites/denofgeekus/files/2017/ 02/cotton-club.jpg" alt="Image result for cotton club" /><img src="https:// images?q=tbn: ANd9GcST2kRoKVF9_ CXS-ukG5jc5IrvXgvAx4dUXBCIN6ocSMR_ wuAtEGA:https: // wikipedia/commons/5/54/Lange- MigrantMother02.jpg" alt="Image result for great depression" /><img src="https:// images?q=tbn: ANd9GcSetDWGheThdN- Y3eEh9yhFeDcX0_ ANOmLY_PRzbVVGg84wz_ post_images/original/ image_6461.jpg" alt="Image result for wwii" /></span></strong>
  <strong><a href="https:/ / d/19IYATMEe8eKmY- 5QErExaJnuxjEZCkaZtuXzpNIpno4/edit">U.S History Daily Agenda</a>
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  <span style="font-size: 14pt"><strong>Honors World History </strong></span>
  <img src="https:// images?q=tbn: ANd9GcSmopjNoFgCjtaEzufMuwPgEbglfLF8MTjaconIkr- sites/2/2015/ 07/GettyImages- 148274935.jpg" alt="Image result for french revolution" /><img src="https:// images?q=tbn: ANd9GcSu3TKQcEGnRpP2kH6oeIwxYl15TP0X- MzbHzKO4SIwI3otfqBC:https: // 7b/29917b1a71a0d508a2c114655cdc9b50- -liberal-politics- conservative- politics.jpg" alt="Image result for quote about repeating history" /><img src="https:// images?q=tbn: ANd9GcRUhR29wmV- NB125CONVzss_ 2BmzG3ZztJLF3bqyQzoFO5lvMd9: courses/rschwart/ind_rev/ images/IR36GR31x1.jpg" alt="Image result for industrial revolution" /><img src="https:// images?q=tbn: ANd9GcT7g02jCrq5PIqM1589G74kwBAfPF1RcKRGdwacObNMbUzZsUn7ow: 0b/49/81/0b49810b08c024aaa852fd8d3b03bf5e- ---military-pictures.jpg" alt="Image result for wwi lest we forget" /><img src="https:// images?q=tbn: ANd9GcRN0vdFm4gHvpJOPv0GJInEBuRao4SfCQzeExm9O- Xcbi51eYcE:https://s-media- f4/87/c4/f487c49204cfcf8536ff37138a0ece5a.jpg" alt="Image result for russian revolution posters" /><img src="https:// images?q=tbn: ANd9GcQR7Hn1EFtXtwtAHTU97pZ0ptu- HZgH7e5q35a9ZdUgOk91DPyQ: wikipedia/en/ d/d5/Cold_War_ TV_Series_CNN.jpg" alt="Image result for cold war" />
  <b><a href="https:/ / d/14P42xTo38BUDHoAc6t8R-_ JJMviZqtOUy309HXakrIU/ edit">Honors World History Daily Agenda</a>
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<span style="font-size: 18px"><strong>Homework &amp; Assignments:< /strong></span>  
Honors World History: [[Honors World History]]  
U.S History <a href="http:// pages/claire- adams/u-s-history- unit-1-assignments-homework- 5"> fths-staff-pages/ claire-adams/ u-s-history-unit- 1-assignments- homework-5</a>  
[[Health agenda 2012]]  
<span style="text-decoration: underline"><strong>Self esteem letter</strong></span> <a href="http:// pages/claire- adams/social- health-skills-5" rel="attachment wp-att-17362">Social Health Skills</a>  
[[Geography Agenda Semester 2]]  
[[9th Grade World History A Agenda]]  
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<span style="font-size: 18px"><strong>Handouts &amp; Power points:</strong></span>  
U.S History <a href="http:// CA/FoothillHighSchool/ Adams/photo2.aspx">http:/ / CA/FoothillHighSchool/ Adams/photo2.aspx</a>  
Health &amp; Geography <a href="http:// CA/FoothillHighSchool/ Adams/photo1.aspx">http:/ / CA/FoothillHighSchool/ Adams/photo1.aspx</a>  
&nbsp; &nbsp;
<span style="text-decoration: underline;font-size: 18px"><strong>Table of Contents Health&amp; Geography</strong></span>  
<span style="text-decoration: underline">Health Unit 1 Table of Contents</span> <a href="http:// CA/FoothillHighSchool/ Adams/ap1.aspx" > CA/FoothillHighSchool/Adams/ ap1.aspx</a>  
[[Health Unit 2 Table of Contents]]  
[[Health Unit 3 Table of Contents]]  
[[Health Unit 3 b Table of contents]]  
[[Health Unit 4 Table of Contents]]  
[[Health Unit 5 Table of Contents]]  
[[Geography Unit 1 Table of Contents]]  
[[Geography Unit 2 Table of Contents]]  
World History A Unit 1 Greeks &amp; Democracy table of Contents <a href="http:// wp-content/uploads/ 2012/08/Table- of-Contents1.docx">Table of Contents</a>  
&nbsp; &nbsp;
<span style="font-size: 18px"><strong><span style="text-decoration: underline">Table of Contents U.S History</span> </strong></span>  
[[Adams U.S History Unit 1 Table of Contents]]  
<a href="http:// pages/claire- adams/nb-rubric" rel="attachment wp-att-4176">nb rubric</a>  
[[Adams U.S History Unit 2 Table of Contents]]  
<a href="http:// pages/claire- adams/nb-2-rubric" rel="attachment wp-att-13034">nb 2 rubric</a>  
[[Adams U.S History Unit 3 Table of Contents]]  
Unit 3 notebook rubric <a href="http:// pages/claire- adams/nb-3-rubric" rel="attachment wp-att-16525">nb 3 rubric</a>  
[[Unit 3b Table of Contents 1920s]]  
notebook rubric 1920s unit 3b <a href="http:// pages/claire- adams/nb-3b-rubric" rel="attachment wp-att-21155">nb 3b rubric</a>  
[[Unit 4 Great Depression Table of Contents]]  
Unit 4 Great Depression notebook rubric <a href="http:// pages/claire- adams/nb-4-rubric" rel="attachment wp-att-22629">nb 4 rubric</a>  
[[Unit 5 World War II Table of Contents]]  
Notebook rubric unit 5 WWII <a href="http:// pages/claire- adams/nb-rubricwwii" rel="attachment wp-att-25474" >nb-rubricwwii</a>  
[[Unit 6 Cold War Table of Contents]] notebook rubric <a href="http:// wp-content/uploads/ 2012/08/nb-cold- war-rubric1.doc">nb cold war rubric</a>  
Unit 7 Civil Rights &amp; Vietnam Table of Contents 
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<a href="http:// wp-content/uploads/ 2012/08/Unit- 7-Civil-Rights.docx">
unit 7 notebook rubric <a href="http:// wp-content/uploads/ 2012/08/civil- rights-rubric2.doc">civil rights rubric</a>  
<a href="http:// fths-staff-pages/ claire-adams/ adams-health- geography-agenda-homework/ sample-powerpoint- for-detente"> </a>  
&nbsp; &nbsp;
<span style="text-decoration: underline;font-size: 18px"><strong> <em>Projects< /em></strong></span>  
<span style="text-decoration: underline"><strong><em>U.S History Unit 1 Declaration of Inpendence </em> </strong></span> <strong></strong> <a href="http:// pages/cherie- eulau/declaration- of-independence- project-2012" > fths-staff-pages/ cherie-eulau/ declaration-of- independence- project-2012</a>  
<span style="text-decoration: underline"><strong>American Studies Sample Collective and Individual Essays</strong></span>  
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<a href="http:// pages/claire- adams/student- coll-vs-ind-2012- 10302012-142937" rel="attachment wp-att-17380">student coll vs ind 2012-10302012-142937</a> <a href="https:/ / 1DnokZxszl01IFt91TfjGOVoJqk- e2bEG/view?usp= sharing">Witnesses in the IR trial</a>
<a href="http:// pages/claire- adams/two-example- essays-10312012-074951" rel="attachment wp-att-17381">two example essays-10312012-074951</a>  
[[Adams U.S History Blogs 2012-13]]  
[[Adams Honors World History Blog 2012-13]]  
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