Syllabus: Education in the Digital Age

EDA 2.0 ( blend of College & Career Readiness with Exploring Computer Science )  is a course required for ALL first-year Foothill students. EDA 2.0 is an FTHS graduation requirement. EDA 2.0 covers all the information and software/hardware skills required to successfully complete core class projects and to matriculate successfully from Foothill Technology High School.

There is no substitute or more advanced course that provides for the information, skills and project time allowed in EDA 2.0.

The projects the students in EDA complete will include the teaching and utilization of the following (at the minimum):

  • Microsoft Office ( Word, Excel, PowerPoint )
  • Google Apps for Education ( Docs, Sheets, Slides )
  • Google Drive, Browsers. Email
  • Digital Citizenship, Character and Foothill Culture
  • Graphic Editing with Fireworks
  • Introduction to Flash Animation
  • Introduction to Computational Thinking through
  • HTML & CSS Basics, C++ Basics, littleBits and Arduino
  • File Management and Organization
  • Research, Citation and Project Management Skills
  • Multimedia Development/Design and Presentation Skills

1. A common place for freshmen and new students to learn about all things Foothill
2. Teaching FTHS technology systems – Q, edmodo, Google Drive, Google Apps, etc.
3. Introducing students to secondary education topics – graduation requirements, community service, careers, college entrance, financial aid, study skills/opportunities
4. Developing and practicing research skills – bias, opinion, sources, citations, developing projects
5. Ethical issues for technology use
6. Technology and design skills
7. Re-ignite an interest in reading for pleasure and allow student choice in literature
8. Software: word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphic editing, animation, code, computer science
9. Exposure to computational thinking and computer science concepts
10. Life skills – personal accountability, advocating for self, personal balance, budgeting, travel, life goals
11. Project management – newsletter, brochure, public speaking, movie making, budgeting, research
12. Flexible learning environment with ability to address education needs and issues as they arise
13. Supportive environment in which to develop character, address questions and concerns, share comments
14. Support multiple learning styles, interests, learning modalities and brain development

All incoming students are expected to complete a year of EDA 2.0 – this is a requirement for graduation from Foothill.

After successful completion of Education in the Digital Age, students may enroll in other technology classes at Foothill, including Intro to Programming/Web Coding, AP Computer Science, Digital Art and Design, Digital Animation, Digital Photography and Filmmaking.