Welcome, D-Tech Academy Junior Year Cohort!

Welcome to your junior year in the D-Tech Academy!

Your Grade 11 Advisors

Courses: Intro to Programming or AP Computer Science or AP Art 2D Design
Grade 11 Instructors: Conni Carr, Cameron Crouch, Justin Frazier
College and Career Support: Kristen Pelfrey and Darcy Duffy
D-Tech Coordinator: Kurt Miller

This year you will be working separately in a specialty course of your choice in either the art and design focus or the programming and computer science focus.

Meetings On Campus

D-Tech Cohort 1 Student Members

We will be bringing you together at least once each month for cohort collaboration.  These meetings are not optional.  Please add to your appointment calendar and make arrangements now to be present for each meeting.  FIRE Crew may allow their partners to cover on these days.

D-Tech Master Google Calendar

Date Location Goal
September 22, 11:21-11:51 D105, Frazier & Instructor Team Group Meeting
Remind App

  • Send to 81010
  • Text @eefkbh

ATET 104 @ VC

October 13, 11:21-11:51 Media Center, Carr Career Speaker – Alison Barker
Ventura County Aviation Outreach Coordinator
@ California Aeronautical University
November 17, 11:21-11:51 G105 Lab, Pelfrey Interactive Activity
Colleges for “Makers” – Maker Portfolios
December 15, 11:21-11:51 D105, Frazier & Instructor Team Group Meeting
January 19, 11:21-11:51 Media Center, Duffy & Carr Career Speaker
February 23, 11:21-11:51 D104 Lab, Carr Entree to Employment ( PDF)
Entree to Employment ( RSVP )Naviance ( Pelfrey )

  • Do you have a mix of UC / CSU / private / in-state / out-of-state colleges added to your Naviance account?

$3 for pizza with Cohort 2 on 3/2 in I105 at lunch 11:21

Camping Trip with Cohort 2 in August – Shealyn planning

March 8, 6:00-8:00 pm Spirito Hall, Advisor Team Entree to Employment Dinner
March 16, 11:21-11:51 Media Center, Duffy & Carr Career Speaker – Tim Heague
Business Owner
@ Arsenal Comics and Games
April 25, 11:21-11:51 Media Center, Duffy & Carr Career Speaker – Tom Wiesel
@ Arch Day Design
April 27, 11:21-11:51 D104 Lab, Carr & Pelfrey Interactive Activity
May 11, 11:21-11:51 Media Center, Duffy & Carr Career Speaker – Terry Theobald
Director of Information Technology
@ Ventura County Health Care Agency
June 13, TBD Off-Campus, Coordinator & Instructor Team End-of-the-Year Celebration Event

Career Connections

As a member of the D-Tech Academy, you are REQUIRED to log/attend/appear for a minimum of (5) Career Connections.  This includes career guest speakers and D-Tech related field trips or events.

We have planned (4) guest speakers into our required meetings (as shown above).

Mrs. Duffy will also be scheduling additional career speakers in the Media Center during FIRE specifically for the D-Tech Academy students.  These will occur during FIRE starting in the month of October and into November.

Mrs. Carr, Mr. Frazier and Mr. Crouch may also schedule speakers during their class periods for Introduction to Programming, AP Computer Science and AP 2D Art.

If you participate in a D-Tech specific field trip and/or attend any of the special opportunity events ( as listed below ), those also qualify as a Career Connection.

Please be sure to record your attendance at the various speakers, trips or events.

Special Opportunities

We will also advertise special events in which you can participate to further your development in areas of your choice.

Date Location Description & Links
Saturday, October 7, 2017 Simi Valley Dream It, Be It Conference
Registration Page
Friday, October 20, 2017 Camarillo Airport Aviation Career Day Event
Registration @ EventBrite
Saturday, October 28, 2017 UCSB I Heart STEM
Friday-Saturday, December 1-2, 2017 Ventura County
Office of Education
Hackathon By The Sea ( PDF )
Wednesday, November 15, 2017
6:00 – 8:00 p.m. ( with teacher )
Lundring Event Center
Cal Lutheran
Thousand Oaks
Entree to Employment Dinner
Information and Communications Technologies
Contact Mrs. Carr in D104

Apprenticeship Skills

VC | ATET 104 & ATET 109

VC Applied Science Learning Lab (Mondays-Thursdays | 10 a.m. – noon | 1:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.)

  • ATET 104 ( first course ) “Tech Principles” CRN# 72113
    • learning modules
  • ATET 109 ( second course ) “Tools/Machines” CRN# 72175
    • what can be done with machines

This is a non-graded course that you complete at your own pace ( go as far as you can during a semester ).  You get “certified” in specific skills as the lab technician verifies your competency.  You work through computer-based instruction, then practice on the actual physical modules in the lab.


Anne Engelsen came out to Foothill on Wednesday, October 4 during FIRE to help students register for the Ventura County Community College District/Ventura College – additional information to continue that process is FOUND HERE.

CTE Pathways

Pathway Design Continuum