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About Me:

I have been teaching College Prep Chemistry and Conceptual Physics here at Foothill Technology HS for over ten years.  Sometimes people ask my if I enjoy “doing the same thing” for ten years.  My response is always the same, “yes” and that I really do not do the “same thing” every year.  One of the things that I love about teaching is that it is constantly changing.  I constantly have new students, new curriculum and new challenges.  Then there are things that are the same each year that I look forward to and enjoy like making ice-cream with my students in the POD before Spring Break and Air Guitar.

My passion and training for teaching science actually goes back a lot longer than the past decade.  As a youngster, I have always loved science.  Whether it was tinkering with electronics, baking or growing plants, from a young age, I have always loved experimentation.  Like many of you will, I took science all four years of high school. After high school went on to study Chemistry and Biology at Virginia Tech (VT) where I received my Bachelors of Science and Masters of Education.  Next I started teaching at J.E.B. Stuart HS in Arlington, Virginia.  J.E.B. Stuart was such a fun and dynamic place to teach.  It is, to this day, one of the most diverse schools in the country, with a student population from all of the world.

Teaching at J.E.B. Stuart was a great challenge and a lot of fun but as newlyweds my husband Evan and I decided to move to California.  We are so thankful to live in beautiful Ventura.  Ventura is where we bought our house and started our family.  It is our home.  I am so thankful to be here.

Ventura is a wonderful place to teach Chemistry and I am looking forward to two new challenges this year.  The first challenge is to incorporate Earth Science Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) standards into our Chemistry class.  This is very exciting because we are going to do so by studying our beautiful coastline, hillsides and watershed.  The second challenge is that we will be participating in the Ventura County Science Fair.  This will give you the opportunity to do some independent research and compete against other students from schools throughout Ventura County.

I hope that you are as excited as I am for this year.  2015-2016 school year is going to be a fun and challenging year.  I am looking forward to getting know each and every one of you.

Best Wishes,

Mrs. Hunt

Here is my sophmore class picture. I attended Hayfield HS in Alexandria, Virginia.

Here is my sophmore class picture. I attended Hayfield HS in Alexandria, Virginia.