Quarter 1 Health & Global Health

Disorders of the bones and muscles brochure

PSA chart for lifestyle disease​

Aug 23/24
  1. Lovely Day
  2. Seats/syllabus/wiki & Edmodo info Health and Global Health Studies Syllabus 
  3. Introductions & Icebreakers

HW =

  • Join edmodo:  Code = xi3yqr
  • Join Remind by texting @kfabhe to 81010
  • get syllabus signed by parent or guardian–due 8/28
  • Organize your binder & get a calendar or agenda
Aug 27


  1. Turn in signed syllabus
  2. Finish Intros/ice breaker game?
  3. Pod/Technology guidelines
  4. Letter of Intro
  • Paragraph 1 = Brief introduction of yourself
  • Paragraph 2 = Personal life such as family/home life, interests, challenges, etc.—
  • Paragraph 3 = Strengths and weaknesses:  what are you usually good at in school and what do you want to focus on improving?
  • Paragraph 4 = Goals for high school (personal and/or academic)


  • Join edmodo:  Code = xi3yqr
  • Join Remind by texting @kfabhe to 81010
  • get syllabus signed by parent or guardian–due next class
  • Organize your binder & get a calendar or agenda
 Aug 28/29
  1. Turn in signed syllabus
  2. Warm Up:  Complete the left column of the “incredible human machine” handout
  3. Pair Share
  4. Incredible Human Machine Video Incredible Human Machine Video Worksheet
Aug 30/31
  1. Finish Video
  2. Warm up:  What are the healthiest aspects of  your life?  Describe them and explain why you think those aspects are healthy for you?
  3. Level of Wellness & Health Triangle PPT  Three Elements of Health
  4. Health Collage on Google Slides, Canvas, or something similar
Sept 3 Labor Day!  No School!
Sept 4/5


  1. Directions for Organs Wanted Project :Organ Trail Poster Activity
  2. Break into groups & start research
Sept 6/7
  1. Organs Wanted Gallery Walk
  2. Warm Up:  Which organ do YOU think is the most important & why?
  3. Inside the Teenage Brain documentary
Sept 10


No School
Sept 11/12
  1. Finish Teenage Brian documentary/Discuss what you related to and/or learned from the video.
  2. Warm Up:  What are the parts and roles of the central nervous system?
  3. Watch Crash Course on Nervous System
  4. Annotate Articles Jigsaw Style Cannabis Interferes With The Development Of Brain Connections
  5. Drawing the teenage brain
  6. Create a personalized brain create a brain templatedocx

HW:  Finish brain

Sept 13/14
  1. Turn in personalized brain
  2. Warm up:  Describe what you know about the respiratory system.
  3. Joe’s Lung–read as class & underline key points
  4. Joe’s Lung worksheet
  5. Respiratory System Webquest



 Sept 17


  1. Warm up:  What are the main functions of the circulatory system?
  2. Circulatory Syst PPT Circulatory system
  3. Bill Nye Circulatory System video
  4. TED Ed:  How does the Heart Work? (5 min)
  5. Start the Circulatory system assignment Joes Circ System -option 1
Sept 18/19
  1. Finish Circ system tutorials and/or gather info from Kid’s Health website/textbook
  2. I am ____’s Circulatory System
Sept 20/21


  1. Share Circ System stories (bonus points)
  2. Disorders of the muscles and bones with rubric
  3. How to make a brochure in Google Docs
Sept 24


  1. bones-and-muscles PPT
  2. Label Muscular System
  3. Label Skeletal System
Sept 25/26
  1.  Organize Packets
  2. Create Kahoot Quizzes in groups of 3-4

Packet due next class

Sept 27/28


  1.  Turn in bodys systems packet
  2. Present Kahoot Quizzes
Oct 1


  1. Preventing Dating Violence and Abuse Presentation
Oct 2/3
  1.  Preventing  Dating Violence and Abuse Presentation
Oct 4/5
  1. Finish Kahoots
  2. Warm up:  How do the foods we eat impact the health of our organs and body systems?
  3. Start Fed Up documentary
Oct 8/9
  1. Warm up:  Make a t-chart and list the main foods you eat…one side should be those you think are good for you & the other side those you think are not good for you
  2. Superfoods Article
  3.  Fed Up documentary
Oct 10 PSAT schedule
Oct 11/12


  1. Warm up:  Did you make changes after watching the Fed Up documentary? If not, what changes do you think would improve your overall health?
  2. Finish Fed Up
  3. Powerpoint:  Food Labels
  4. Select snack food labels online, put in Google Drive, print out
Oct 15
  1. PSA chart for lifestyle disease
Oct 16/17
  1. Food Label Analysis
  2. Dr. Oz:  You, On a Diet:  take 3 column notes on People, Lifestyle Changes, Successes
Oct 18/19
  1. Diabetes Children’s book creation
Oct 20-28  Fall Break!!!
  1. Blue Zones TED Talk
  2. Sugar Article sugar
  3. Nutrition PPT nutrition
  4. https://ed.ted.com/lessons/how-the-food-you-eat-affects-your-brain-mia-nacamulli
  5. Read 15 Super-foods Article
  6. Creating a PSA