J. Macie Vega

   Mrs. Vega

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Biology, Conceptual Physics Teacher
Room D-107 
Email: macie.vega@venturausd.org
805-289-0023, ext. 2107

2015/2016 Schedule:

  • Period 1: Conceptual physics
  • Period 2: Biology
  • Period 3:Conceptual physics
  • Period 4: Biology
  • Period 5: Biology
  • Period 6: Conceptual physics


Agenda (Homework & Assignments):

  • Daily Agenda, including homework, can be found at the links below.
  • All materials (powerpoints, worksheets, notebooks, etc) are posted on Edmodo only.
  • For the daily warm up & homework, click here (also included in the agendas below!)

Resources and websites for my courses:


Daily Welcome Agenda & Homework (for both classes)



  • All documents are posted on edmodo in the library/backpack.