Mika Anderson

IMG_3502 I can not express how deeply thankful I am to be part of such an amazing community of students, parents, and faculty. I hope that I am can inspire a love of learning and adventure to all whom I am in contact with this year. With open heart and mind, let’s learn.

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Room E104
Email: mika.anderson@venturausd.org
805-289-0023, ext. 2204

Homework & Assignments: 

Physiology Honors
Medical Technology


Periods 1 – 4, 6: Physiology Honors
Period 5: Medical Technology

Letter of Recommendation Requests: 

If you would like me to write you a letter of recommendation, ask me well in advance before filling out the required bragsheet.  Requests for letters by universities, scholarships, or military that show up in my e-mail will not be fulfilled unless I have agreed to writing you a letter and you have filled out the following brag sheet. The more thorough you are with your information, the better your letter will be! Submit your brag sheet and share it with me well before the due date. Brag-sheets should be submitted as early as possible, preferably one month before the due dates, since I typically have multiple letters that are due on the same dates.

If you submitted a brag-sheet but later decide that a letter is not needed because you are only applying to UC or CSU schools, please let me know!! I had a few students in the past who did not give me this courtesy, and I wasted several hours writing a letter that they no longer needed.

Brag-sheets for early action, November 1st or November 15th deadlines, are due no later than October 1 and October 15, respectively.

For December, January and February deadlines, the last day to submit your brag-sheet is the November 1st.