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Welcome to the FTHS wiki page of Mr. Richard James Geib at Foothill Technology High School! Below you will find information that will describe my expectations, the scope and sequence of class curriculum, as well as on-line projects and examples of class lectures.

I teach two 9th grade English classes, one 11th grade Advanced Placement English Language and Composition, and three 12th grade Government and Economics classes. Feel free to browse around my site if you are just visiting. If you are a student of mine, go ahead and get what you need from any of my pages. They were developed for ease of access to help you learn better. Enjoy!


Contact and Classroom Information:

  • Email:
  • 805-289-0023, ext. 2408
  • FTHS Room G108
  • Lattitude: N 34°, 16′ 42.1″ (GPS: 34 deg 16.7016 min)
  • Longitude: W 119° 13′ 32.6″ (GPS: 119 deg 13.543 min)

Course Webpages

The below webpage links contain course syllabi, scope and sequence of curriculum, syllabus, agenda and homework for class, and link to Google Classroom learning content management system to help parents and students to understand class requirements and content.




Perspectives on Social Media 2:27

Students test their knowledge of digital media and learn some statistics about media use

(answers at the bottom of quiz handout)

Mrs. Perez’ online response is ready and working, you can ask students to record answers using their own devices.

PART 2 → Perspects on Cyberbullying

SHOW VIDEO:       (content issues)

Friday Night Lights 5:47

Explain to students that they will be viewing some video clips that show how different characters react to or think about an incident of online cruelty (cyberbullying).

Key Vocabulary terms

target, offender, bystander, and upstander

FORM ONLINE: Tell students that they will be figuring out who is playing these roles in the clip they’ll view from Friday Night Lights

PROJECTOR: Roles form (more time)


PROJECTOR: Scenarios form (less time)