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Homework & Assignment

Biology Agenda and Homework 2016-2017

Biology Assignments and homework 2015-2016

Biology HW & Assignments (Duston) 2014-2015

 Key’s to Semester 1 Study Guide

Bio semester 1 study guide key 2016-2017 (pages 1-13)

Study Guide Key for pages 273-278

Absences: If you are ever out of class, remember to download handouts or powerpoints (ppt) directly from this page on the calendar below.  You have the same number of days to make up your work as the number of absentee days. It is YOUR responsibility to turn in any absent work or have any work scored by Mr. Duston during FIRE.

Interactive Notebook Links: Lose your interactive notebook? Download and print the packets here by unit. Reference Pages  | Ecoystem Ecosystem Interactions and Energy Dynamics | History of Earths Atmosphere |Ecosystem Stability and Response to Climate Change  | Evidence of Evolution| Inheritance and Variation of Traits | Structure, Function and Growth | | |

Media Links: Quick access to online assignments can be found here.

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Biology Syllabus Sleuth | Lab Safety Rap

Potential/ Kinetic Energy Link

Making Faces booklet

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