Josiah Guzik

Me and a cactus in Teotihuacan, Mexico. In the background: the Pyramid of the Sun

Me and a cactus in Teotihuacan, Mexico. In the background: the Pyramid of the Sun

Spanish 2 & 3

Room H-107

805-289-0023, ext. 2507


Letter to Parents

Spanish 2 Syllabus

Spanish 3 Syllabus

Español 3 – Práctica para el examen final






  • Period 1: Spanish 3
  • Period 2: Spanish 3
  • Period 3: Spanish 3
  • Period 4: Spanish 3
  • Period 5: Spanish 2
  • Period 6: Spanish 2



Google Classroom

Many assignments will be completed digitally using Google Classroom.

Google Classroom codes:

Period 1 tdclz4m
Period 2 hjgnv74
Period 3  xwm7ibc
Period 4  hejoipo
Period 5  bvlvcl
Period 6  f3u316


About Me


This is a Paper Plate Award that I received in Captain Lindsey’s class my senior year.

As a student, Foothill felt like home to me.  I was a transplant from Buena, where I spent my freshman year struggling to connect with students and teachers alike.  Early on at Buena, I felt very much that I was out of place and tried to move mountains to get a spot at Foothill (You can ask Mr. Bova about the daily phone calls, begging for a spot).  A few days before I was about to return to Buena for my dreaded sophomore year, I got the news: I was in.

I still remember having this epiphany as I walked into Mrs. Eulau’s first period class; I finally felt like I was home.  I no longer felt a burden to “fit in,” rather I felt like I was accepted as who I was.  “Goose,” that’s what everyone called me then, including teachers, all the way through college (the nickname is derived from my last name).

During that year I felt myself grow roots at Day road, building memories with several teachers that are now my colleagues.  Of course I already mentioned Mrs. Eulau, but there were others that year: Jason Dinkler, Josh Dinkler (Jason’s brother), Mr. Weldele, and Mrs. Carr.  My junior year was a rigorous year in Geib’s legendary American Experience class, Calculus AB with Mr. Villa, Physics with Weldele, Spanish 3 with Perfect.  Senior year was an outstanding year taking AP Government with Eulau, AP English with Captain, Art 2 with Frazier, and Drama with Kindred.

I am thrilled to be back home at Foothill, after spending a year teaching in Camden, New Jersey and three years teaching at Buena.  It is an honor to be able to teach back at my alma mater, and to be able to share my passion for Spanish with my students.